Company Profile

Our company, LOGISTICS24x7.COM, is a freight forwarding company established in New Delhi that provides end-to-end logistics and customs clearance services at major airports and seaports. GK Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd. owns It was founded in 2015, with headquarters in Tughlakabad Extension near the Tughlakabad port of New Delhi. We also have branches in Mumbai, Delhi, China, and Hong Kong.

We take great pride and pleasure in presenting ourselves as among the premier Custom House Agents in India, with knowledge of all major airports and seaports. We have a highly experienced crew comprising technically competent and administrative professionals. specializes in port operations. We are a well-known supervision and marketing firm that provides high-quality services. Our solutions are provided by experts known for being dependable, cost-effective, and punctual. Food, Auto Parts, Machinery, Steel, Iron, Plastic Materials, Mixed Items, Footwear, Electronics Items, Fabrics, Garment, Project Cargo, Furniture, and other commodities are among the items for which we give our expertise. makes it easy for its customers to export or import their products by assisting them with warehousing, coordinating dispatch to various places, monitoring stock inventory, transportation, and document processing on their behalf. Because we are a one-stop service provider, we have emerged as a leading brand that stands out among other customs agents. We offer Air and Sea Freight, Custom Clearance (licenses, documentation, custom duty), Warehousing Services, Forwarding Services, Road and Rail Transportation Services, Stock Maintaining Services, and Final Delivery (safe and Timely delivery of cargo to customer warehouse) specializes in supporting customers who do not have access to their import license (IE CODE). We help them with everything from locating products to delivering them to the warehouse. We also have a competent staff for air cargo handling, while our customers value our other services. If the documentation is valid, we guarantee that customs will clear the precious cargo within a day of the plane arrival. We cannot maintain our word, and the shipment does not pass in 48 hours. In such a scenario, we shall make the payment necessary to cover the losses incurred from AAI. has been hard at work creating vital Strategic Partnerships in places like China, and we're glad to report we have amassed an excellent agent network that enables us to serve more than 50 countries. The network is constantly expanding to serve YOU better, the customer.

Our Mission
It is to serve our clients with the greatest level of service, productivity, and cost-effectiveness while preserving and developing long-term partnerships. LOGISTICS24x7 Pvt. Ltd. will aim for continual industry excellence and improvement, believing that "When The Customer Grows, We Grow."

Our Vision
It is to be a market-leading logistics firm that sets industry standards for efficiency, productivity, and service. Our dedication to and adherence to our Quality Management Systems will meet these objectives. Finally, these technologies will allow our staff and partners to identify themselves, allowing LOGISTICS24X7 Pvt. Ltd. to choose these aims and values.

Airfreight Cargo Services

We, at logistics 24x7, understand the demand of our customers for their items. As a result, we offer air freight services to our clients. Air cargo is essential for supplying markets that need dependability and speed for transporting urgently needed commodities. It is often utilized for high-value and low-volume shipments. The professionalism and expertise of our professionals enable us to work with and plan transportation in partnership with the top airlines, including charter flights for unique requirements. We work with the customers to determine the best air transportation option based on cost and time, planning and arranging all stages of transportation, and, if required, providing options for combined marine and air transportation via the Air (plus) Sea service.

Ocean Logistic Services

Ocean freight cargo is the oldest and most cost-effective means of international cargo transportation. By offering these services to our customers, logistic24x7 tries to keep freight costs as low as possible. When time is not a factor, our services are the most cost-effective way to save money. Because seas and rivers span most of our planet, ocean freight is also among the most readily accessible. In reality, the international shipping sector has carried 90+ percent of all products moved around the globe since ancient times, spanning all ocean routes compared to other modes of transportation such as road, rail, and Air.

Road Freight Service

Direct delivery of the items of our customers to their final destination is provided by door-to-door services (store, company, house, and warehouses). It comprises full truckloads and delivery to people of a particular age group. In addition, the deliveries are made daily to all places in China and India. National and express services are available.

Rail Logistics

Logistics24x7 is recognized for providing customers with dependable Rail Cargo Services. We have extensive experience successfully transferring consignments by rail freight from one area to another. Our experts guarantee that the items are delivered securely and without damage to the specified places. As a result, extreme caution is used throughout the process, from packing to delivery. In addition, our cutting-edge information management solutions enable customers to keep a constant eye on cargo transit. Our services are carefully personalized to fit the unique needs of our clients. In addition, for the Mumbai and Delhi routes, we employ the well-known train network Rajdhani Express. We make sure that the items of our customers reach their target markets on schedule and in the finest possible condition. The clients may get data about their railway shipments via our consignment tracking system and IT interfaces.

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